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Beyond Boundaries is a podcast exploring ideas and stories connected to life, faith, theology, fitness, and much more. Pastor Justin Douglas interviews individuals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to discuss their passions and what has led them to those passions.


Tom Longenecker and I talk about the intersection of Jesus, Faith, and Politics. This is a conversation that was captured for use at The Belong Collective in our series titled Politricks: Losing The Kingdom, Gaining The World. I thought it would be good with the Beyond Boundaries community as well. Enjoy! 

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Mark R. Charles is a Native American activist, public speaker, author, pastor, and independent candidate for President of the United States in the 2020 United States presidential election. 

Find out more about his candidacy: Mark Charles 2020

Find out more about his book: Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery. 

Follow on Facebook: @MarkCharles2020 @MarkCharlesWirelesshogan

Follow on Twitter: @wirelesshogan


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I am joined by Dorrin Gingerich for this episode of the podcast. Dorrin shares his story of inner healing and hope. 

You can find Dorrin on Instagram. Art from Dorrin can purchased HERE and you can follow his art page HERE. 

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Allen Fernandez from episode 014 joins the podcast again and we discuss Hip Hop music. It is fun episode where we look at the history of Hip Hop and discuss some of the all time greats. 


You can find Allen on Instagram @alfern24


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Drew Carpenter of The Obscure Pastor Podcast joins me on this episode and we weave in and out of many different topics. We mainly discuss politics, especially as they relate to the church. But we also take some time to break down things like cancel culture and racism amid our world in this current moment. 

You can follow Drew in these ways...

Twitter @DrewCarpenter

Facebook @TheAndrewCarpenter

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Ryan Moran and Nathan McConkey join me and we talk Conspiracy Theories. 

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Matthew Korpman joins me on this episode and we talk about his book, "Saying No To God." It is a great conversation about the stories of The Bible and Theology. Please check out more of Matthew's work at the links below. 

Matthew's Website

Saying No To God Book 

Early Jesus Traditions Online Course

Matthew's Facebook and Twitter 


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Dallas James Pritt (Actor) and Sam Brooks (Director) of the short film A Heart’s Calling join me and we talk about the story behind the film.


A Hearts Calling: 




Dallas James Pritt:





Sam Brooks:



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Dr. Nathan McConkey joins me on this episode and we breakdown the healthcare industry. 

In this episode, we dive into how we got where we are in relation to our healthcare costs and problems.

In the part 2 of healthcare we will talk about some potential remedies. It is a lot of content, but nothing this complicated should be done in soundbites, it takes time to dive deep into these kind of topics. 

PLEASE PARTICIPATE. Send your questions to me on Instagram, Facebook, or pastorjustindouglas.com

We are going to do a part 3 healthcare talk that will be your questions. 

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